Is Afterpay And Delayed Payment Systems A Better Option Than A Personal Loan?

Receiving my online shopping gives me a rush like no other. With the introduction of AfterPay and other delayed payment systems it has become an increasingly regular occurrence. However, with the way that AfterPay has the ability to entice you and lead you to believing you’re spending less, I’ve become much less aware of my expenditure which has sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole. As useful as AfterPay is, it is incredibly easy to rack up multiple debts that are automatically withdrawn from your savings before your own eyes. After narrowly being able to scrape by and pay off my active AfterPay’s, I’ve decided this system is not for me. Peppered with hidden fees and penalties, I felt it was best to explore other options when it came to borrowing money. Newcastle Permanent offer small loans that give people like me, a quality alternative where I can easily keep on top of my finances and not get sucked into a world of delayed payment. 

Delayed Payment Systems

AfterPay has revolutionised spending in the retail sector recently. With impulse spending increasing beyond all means, many love the freedom that AfterPay offers its users. Are we really being given freedom with our money though? AfterPay offers an immediate use that will allow you to pay back your purchase over four scheduled payments with no interest or fees. This gives many a great alternative to borrowing a large amount of money but the balance can often add up unknowingly. As we use it more and more often, our expenses stack up, leading us into a string of fees, penalties and debt. Delayed payment systems are a great short term fix, however if you are someone who like to take out a number of AfterPay transactions, you may want to take a look into a small personal loan.

Personal Loan

Small personal loans often carry some negative connotations. With students paying more for their education and cost of living, the thought of going into any debt can be a terrifying one. However, if we look a bit deeper into personal loans and the lenders that offer them, you get to see that they really aren’t a bad idea after all! Newcastle Permanent provides a great example of lenders who you can trust. They offer affordable options that are both flexible and have a string of benefits as well. With a tier 1 secured loan, a 6.69%PA interest rate means that you don’t have to spend all of your money on ongoing account keeping fees and penalties so that you can get back to saving. Internet banking, overseas spending and the option of additional repayments being accepted, you can feel free to use your money as you wish, when you want and know that you’ll stay on top of how much you’re spending each day.

While AfterPay has saved me many times, delayed payment systems are perfect for those who have the discipline to not overspend and maintain their finances without any temptation. They offer a great fall back for those who get paid fortnightly or monthly and can give you a little bit of breathing room for when the credit card balance is due. However for those who are looking for a more constant borrow, a small loan can be just the thing you need. With Newcastle Permanent, you can feel confident that when you create a small loan, you won’t be followed around with hidden fees or penalties. Check out their competitive rates on small loans today and don’t get dragged down by forgotten about purchases with Newcastle Permanent Building Society today.

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