Blockchain Tip to Sell Art Online If You’re An Artist

The passion for art has adapted to the new times and has spread to the online world. The online art market increased 24% last year, which is almost 3,000 million dollars in transactions worldwide. But this is not going to stop. It is estimated that in 2020 these figures will triple and the online art market will reach 9,000 million dollars per year.

Increasingly, people are losing their fear of buying art, either in galleries or above all according to the data through the online market. This has been salvaged by a solution created by a blockchain platform—

A Profitable Solution

If you are an artist, you have to know that the online art blockchain ico world can extend your work to the whole world.  If you want to sell your work but still do not have a gallery, an agent or a recognized name, do not worry because of the 0xowns. Art gives us all the opportunity.

A Blockchain Art Marketplace is a mixture of blockchain technology and art; a platform which is focused on the ownership of arts. There isn’t any exchange of the asset or digital token, but the transfer of ownership is done as the buyer funds his Ethereum wallet and pays for the artwork on the platform, it’s Ethereum confirmation hash seals the deal and transfers ownership to the buyer. The buyer can list the art again in the art trading blockchain and sell it for a higher price ensuring profit is made.

This platform encourages art lovers to participate in the history being created by art ownership exchange is done seamlessly and fast on the blockchain.

Final Words

Will you try this new platform built on the Ethereum blockchain as an art investor? Blockchain has taken over the world, don’t be left out in this trend as an art lover.

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