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A Contract-for-Difference broker based in the Seychelles, Global Markets is an investment platform designed for the trader on the go. Available on both desktop and mobile, the platform offers a range of financial products such as Foreign exchange pairs, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

Global Markets operates in approximately 30 countries and is registered and regulated in each of those jurisdictions. In an industry plagued by scammers and fradulent brokers, Global Markets goes the extra mile to prove itself as a trustworthy partner for investors of all experience levels. The company follows all international agreements and regulations, and takes the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the complete safety of your funds.

The platform operates on SIRIX architecture – a popular trading interface for Forex brokers – and can be accessed through web, mobile app, or desktop software. Global Markets is available throughout Europe, some of South-East Asia, Oceania, and Mexico, but is notably absent from the US.

If you wish to experience Global Markets first-hand, open a demo account today, and mess around with the clean, easy-to-navigate interface and slew of visualization options.

Global Markets is a Contracts-for-Difference and Forex trading platform – both complex instruments with an inherent risk of total capital losses. You must never engage in trading with CFDs if you do not understand the underlying principles of the instrument.

Never invest more than you are willing to lose. Before trading, always set up clearly defined goals, and make sure you know your risk tolerance level. If you wish to learn more about CFDs, join Global Markets today. The platform offers a comprehensive online academy that teaches all important aspects you should know before your first trade.

Global Markets – Seal of Trust or Scam Alert?

Global Markets is a regulated, legit financial broker, licensed to operate in over 30 countries – including much of the European Union. The platform is regulated by the financial authority of the Seychelles and fully compliant with all international laws and requirements. It employs a set of security measures to guarantee the safety of your funds and prevent scammers from abusing its reputation. Global Markets is not a scam but a 100% genuine Forex & CFDs broker you can trust.

Two-Factor Authenticator

If you wish to increase the security of your account, you can enable an optional two-factor authenticator when logging in.

Your Money is Safe

All funds kept on Global Markets trading accounts are segregated from company funds and can never be used improperly or mistakenly. Global Markets also employs several security measures to dissuade scammers from its platform.

You will never owe the broker more money than you have deposited. Global Markets has implemented a negative balance protection policy, which prevents you from losing more capital than you have available on your account. This great security measure makes it impossible for your balance to ever go below zero due to market fluctuations or leverage.

Global Markets Interface

Global Markets is available on both desktop and mobile devices and stands out with a sleek, intuitive interface. The platform offers all the tools you need to make successful trades without cluttering the layout with unnecessary buttons and labels. There is a plethora of visualization options, ranging from candle sticks to TRIX and Relative Strength Index.

Desktop Web

The Global Markets desktop web interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, with properly labeled buttons and menus. By default, the platform opens to a candlestick visualization of the most popular major Forex pairs, but those can be easily changed by a drop-down menu. Opening a position is done with two clicks of the mouse, with the option to enable one-click trade. All the tools necessary to make an informed trading decisions are easily accessible, but there is no clutter and information flow is kept to a minimum – which makes Global Markets web a great choice for your first trading platform.


The Global Markets platform can also be accessed through your mobile device – the SIRIX-built app supports both Android and iOS. The layout of the platform is kept much the same, facilitating easy transition between web/desktop and mobile. You can try it out today through the Google Play store or the App Store.

Depositing & Withdrawing


Depositing Fee Processing Time Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Bank transfer 0.00% 3-5 business days $0.00 No limit
Credit/Debit card 0.00% Instant $0.00 $20,000.00
E-wallet 0.00% Instant $0.00 $10,000.00

There are no hidden fees when depositing to your Global Markets account. All deposits must be done from sources that are yours in name.


In accordance with international anti-money laundering regulations, you can only withdraw money to the same financial account you’ve deposited money from. Withdrawing requests require you to submit a photo ID and a copy of your bank statement. There are no hidden fees applied, and withdraw requests are processed in up to 7 business days.

Account Currency

Choosing your account currency is important – Global Markets offers accounts in United States Dollars, Euro, and Great British Pound. While there are no differences in functionalities between those account options, it is important to remember all transactions from and to your account will be converted to the currency of your account.

While Global Markets doesn’t apply fees on such transactions, currency exchange rates might add up as an unforeseen expense. It is worth considering opening a multi-currency bank account to circumvent such fees.

Investment Products

As a CFDs trader, Global Markets offers foreign exchange (Forex), commodities, stocks and indices options:

  • Commodities: Crude Oil, Aluminum, Silver, Gold, Cotton, etc.
  • Stocks: Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Uber, etc.
  • Indices: DOW, NSDQ, SP500, DAX, FTSE, etc.

Available Jurisdictions

Regulated in over 30 jurisdictions around the world, Global Markets operates in most of Europe and East Asia, and offers services to popular markets such as Australia and Mexico. The platform is not licensed to provide services to American investors.

Central & Western Europe

  • Germany
  • France
  • The United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands


  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Finland

Southern Europe

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Malta

Eastern Europe

  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Croatia

Rest of the World:

  • Japan and Mexico
  • Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong
  • Australia and New Zealand

Opening an Account

You can open a Global Markets account from any web browser. The process guides you through each step and is quick to complete. When opening an account, you will need to submit copies of several documents – a photo ID, proof of residence, a bank statement, and a copy of your credit or debit card with the first 12 digits masked out. This is a standard procedure for every Forex platform that is regulated in Europe.

After submitting your documents, it may take up to a business day for your account to be processed.

There are four different tiers of accounts you can choose from, which differ mostly on available tools and investment products. Each tier is designed with a specific investor profile in mind, and they cover the full range from rookie traders to veteran entrepreneurs.

  • Diamond
  • Platinium
  • Gold
  • Silver

Traders from countries such as Malaysia can register for a Islamic trading account – an account type designed to meet the requirements of Muslim traders who seek to open an account that operates under the Sharia Law.

When it comes to Contracts-for-Difference brokers, Global Markets impresses with a range of products, clean interface, a variety of tools, an online academy, and thorough security. The platform, based in the Seychelles, is licensed to operate in over 30 jurisdictions worldwide. Global Markets is a genuine Forex trader, and not a scam – it follows heavy regulations and every international anti-money laundering requirement. The broker goes the extra mile to prevent investor’s funds, offering negative balance protection, and tools that help minimize the risk for inexperienced traders.

Is Global Markets Worth It? Final Thoughts

Such traders can also take advantage of an online academy, designed to teach all the basic and intermediate concepts of Forex, Contracts-for-Difference, online trading, and more. The academy comes with a comprehensive library of e-books and online tutorials.

Global Markets operates on SIRIX and is available on desktop, mobile, and web browser. Trading on the go is made easy with continuity between the different platforms. No matter the device you choose, you will always have access to all the functionalities and tools available to you. The seemingly simple interface can quickly be turned into a powerful trading environment with complex vizualizations, customizable labels, and over 100 available pairs.

Register your Global Markets account today and share your opinion!

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